Kite Flying Insurance

Kite Flying Insurance

By being a member of Suffolk Kite Flyers individuals are covered by the club's Public Liability Insurance whilst flying are at SKF organised events. However, Suffolk Kite Flyers recommend that all members purchase 3rd party liabilty insurance to cover themselves if flying at non-club events.

The following information was brought together by Hank to assist in finding personal insurance specifically tailored for kite flyers (other insurance which you may already hold, such as household policies, may provide sufficient cover). SKF are not making recommendations as to which supplier is the most appropriate for your particular circumstances. If anyone has any more infomation on any other organisations that cover individual kite flyers then please let us know.

British Kite Sports Association (Formally British Kite Surfing Association)

On April 16th 2010 the British Kitesurfing Assoiation(BKSA) were granted as the National Governing Body (NGB) for Kitesurfing by Sport England, Sport Scotland, Sport Wales and Sport Northern Ireland. The BKSA has done and continues to do alot within kite flying to keep access open to beaches and flying spots around the UK. They also run a National freestyle power kite competition which gains good press coverage and attracts attention of the public which highlights the sport in positive light.

Here are a few features of joining the BKSA:-

Sports covered: Kite Surfing, Power Kiting, Kite Buggying, Land Kite Boarding, Kite Skiing, Snow Kite Boarding and Kite Cats.
£5 Million 3rd Party Liability Insurance
Personal Accident cover
Worldwide cover with exceptions
Access to grants if club was to affliate

Individual - £36
Junior - £26
Student - £31
Family - £95

Scottish Power Kite Association

The SPKA has been running for a number of years providing third party Insurance for participants of Power Kite related activities. Power Kiting comes in a number of forms, Kite Buggying, KiteATB'ing, Kite Surfing, Snow Kiting, Kite Jumping and Scudding.

Here are a few features of joining the SPKA:-

Sports covered: Kite Buggying, KiteATB'ing, Kite Surfing, Snow Kiting, Kite Jumping and Scudding.
£5 Million 3rd Party Liability Insurance
Organised race weekends based in Scotland and Northern Ireland

Individual - £28
Junior - £20
Family - £60

Midlands Kite Fliers

All members of The Midlands Kite Fliers are covered by a Public Liability Insurance to fly kites anywhere in the world for pleasure - including all MKF fly-ins and events and at other kite group fly-ins and kite festivals.

Here are a few features of joining the MKF:-

Sports covered: Single, dual and quad (rev) style kites. Traction kiting is not covered.
£5 Million 3rd Party Liability Insurance
Up to date information with quarterly issues of The MKF News - our club newsletter.
Free admission to all MKF events.
Preferential arrangements/reduced/free entry to many other National Festivals and events.

Individual - £12
Family - £13