Light Up The Sky

  • Light up The Sky is a coordinated effort by kite fliers around the UK to raise money for the BBC's ‘Children In Need’ appeal through flying illuminated kites at night.

    Next Light up the Sky: October 8th 2011

  • 2008 This years Light up the Sky brought us one of the mildest evenings for this event but also the most windy, with strong gusty winds of 20mph+ resulting in fewer kites and lights in the sky but still great displays by all.
    Thanks to Moz and all those who helped with the BBQ and thanks also to Dave and Angie for serving the hot drinks.
    Big Gav and Martin provided the firework display to finish of a great evening.
    Many thanks to all those who attended and helped raise £112.56 towards 'Children in Need'.

  • 2007 Many thanks to all SKF club members and friends for making ‘Light Up The Sky’ a fantastic success. Thanks to your generous donations we raised £178.56 from the flyers and £55 from the BBQ making a record breaking total of £233.56 for the BBC ‘Children in Need’ appeal. Special thanks to Moz and Karen for doing a fantastic BBQ, to Jeff for donating the excellent Chilli and to all those who donated fireworks to finish off what was an excellent evening. Many thanks again to everyone who supported this event. See you all again for next years ‘Light up the Sky’

  • 2004 Light up the Sky 2004 Another successful night to raise money for 'Pudsey' and 'Children in Need', just over 40 or so brave souls donned their winter woollies and thickest gloves to cope with the freezing temperatures and raised our best ever total of £118.30. Well done everybody!!
      Although it was bitterly cold we did at least have some wind this year, an 8mph north westerly which meant that we could at least get some kites and lights in the air this year. There were several deltas up with an array of flashing LED's and lights, the buggy boys, helped by a clear night sky and a good moon just had enough light to safely buggy on one side of the field, their power kites lit up with glow sticks and flashing LED's, whilst Carl and Bryan of Team Spectrum put on a synchronised display with their 2 deltas lit up like it was Christmas come early!
    As usual everyone was adorned in various flashing lights, LED's and reflective adornments which gave a sort of festive feel and the evening was rounded of with our traditional fish supper which was most welcome on such a cold night.

  • 2003 Light up the sky 2003 All our events seem to be getting bigger and better each year and this years 'Light Up the Sky' was no exception. 37 members from Suffolk Kite flyers and Thorpe Kite Flyers attended and helped us beat last years total, raising £93 for 'Children in Need'. We were amazed at the turn out considering the distinct lack of wind, (I think Carl managed to register just 1.8 mph!). Despite this lack of wind many people tried to get kites into the air and Matt's blade looked good sweeping around the sky with its many lights, although he had to work it hard to keep it flying.
    Norman was one of the few who also managed to get one of his large deltas to fly, unfortunately in his haste to get it in the air he forgot to put the lights on it. When it eventually came down through lack of wind Bryan & Carl of Team Spectrum came to the rescue and added some lights. They then spent the rest of the night very valiantly running up and down the field trying to get it to fly again and give us a bit of a light show!Kite flyers are used to wind less days and being ever resourceful decided that if they couldn't light up the sky with lights on kites, then they could at least light up themselves.  Everyone proceed to decorate themselves with an array of flashing LED's and lights. At times it was almost impossible to hold a conversation with someone as we all seem to be blinding each other from the glare of each others many flashing lights and LED's.

  • 2002 Light up the Sky 2002 Once again the brave souls from Suffolk Kite flyers and Thorpe Kite Flyers set out for Rougham airfield to light up the sky and raise some money for the 'Children in Need' night. The weather was much kinder to us this year with a clear moonlit evening and a steady 8mph southerly wind which meant that the 25 flyers managed to get most of their kites into the air with a dazzling array of ingenious lights from flashing dog collars to adapted Christmas decorations. Bryan and Carl of 'Team Spectrum' gave us an impromptu display with their dual line stunt kites lit up like flying Christmas trees, very impressive.
    We all had a great time rounding off with a fish and chip supper. By the end of the night we had increased on our total from last year raising £72-00 for Children In Need which all goes towards to helping this very worthwhile charity event. Many thanks once again to all that took part in this fun and worthwhile event.

  • 2001 On 'Children in Need' night about a dozen brave souls from SKFC and Thorpe Kite Flyers set out to light up the sky to raise some money for this worthy cause. Due to a lack of wind, about 2-3 miles per hour not many kites were able to be flown. However we managed to fly some Delta's 12ft or bigger with various flashing cycle lights and LED's. Norman must get the prize for the longest flight, for as the evening went on the dew started to make the kites heavier and as the wind gradually died the kites gradually fell from the skies except for Norman's large Delta.
    We all had a great time including a fish and chip supper not to mention the beer! We have raised £55-00 for Children In Need which all goes towards to helping this very worthwhile charity event.
    Many thanks once again to all that took part in this fun and worthwhile event. The grand total for the 'Light up the Sky' event from all the other clubs that took part now stands at £576.34.