Light Up The Sky (LUTS) & One Sky One World (OSOW)

Event Date: 
Sat, 13/10/2012 (All day) - Sun, 14/10/2012 (All day)

Details to follow.

Place holder - last year's details:

This is the last planned club weekender this summer.
Camping is welcome from friday evening.
Light Up The Sky is a coordinated effort by kite flyers to raise money for Children in need. More info:

One Sky One World is about uniting all cultures around the globe. More info:
Part of OSOW is about having as many kites flying as possible at 3pm. At this time groups of flyers globally will be fying at the same time.

Of course flying is welcome and encoraged all day saturday, but the LUTS will take place after dark. We hope to be able to provide hot drinks on saturday evening and there will be a group meal of some kind. Don't forget this is for charity, so a bucket for donations will be around. Please also feel welcome to come dressed as Pudsy Bear.