One Sky One World

One Sky One World- "OSOW" Sunday 9th Oct. 2011

  • The International One Sky One World organisation was founded in the USA by Jane Parker-Ambrose.
    “One Sky One World promotes annual activities in concurrence with events in hundreds of locations around the world on the Second Sunday of Every October utilizing the multi-cultural symbol of the kite and the ocean of air that we all share. People are made aware of the kite’s contribution to cultural history, the arts and sciences through recognition and enjoyment of the kite, its many manifestations and the activity of kite flying as expressed in many nations and regions throughout recorded history.”

Saturday 9th October 2010 - 45 FLYERS - 339 KITES

One Sky One World 2010

Sunday 11th October 2009 - Result: 312 Kites. 41 Flyers. Other results 

 One Sky One World 2009

Sunday 12th October 2008
After the early morning mist and no wind the sun broke through about 10am , the mist cleared and the wind picked up. Members of the club with their guests started to turn up and by the count at 3pm we managed to fill the blue skys with 274 kites with 61 flyers. More flyers than last year but less kites due to the light winds. Thanks to everybody who turned up, including Team Spectrum to make this annual club event a great success.
Result: 274 Kites. 61 Flyers. Other results

 One sky one world 2008

  Sunday 14th October 2007
  We were lucky to have a nice sunny day, but unfortunately we didn't have the wind that we had last year.
  Thanks to everyone for working so hard to get kites up into the air with the little or no wind that we had at 3.00pm.
  Considering the low wind conditions we still produced an excellent result.
  Many thanks to all who came to OSOW this year.
  Photo courtesy Team Spectrum
Result: 327 kites. 54 Flyers. Other results

 One sky one world 2007


Sunday 8th October 2006
What a fantastic turn out by members of the Suffolk Kite Flyers, Thorpe Kite Flyers and the fighter kites! After all the rain and high winds on Thursday and Friday we were blessed with perfect conditions on Sunday. This year we beat the record the highest number of kites! Well done and thanks to you all for helping to achieve this great result.
Result: 401 Kites. 98 Flyers. Other results

One sky one world 2006

    Sunday 9th October 2005
    It was a lovely sunny day and very mild for the time of year.We were joined again this year by our guests the Thorpe Kite Club and, for the first time by members from the fighter kite competition, arranged by Lynne and Graham Jackson.When we had arrived at 10.00am there was very little wind but as the day went on, it picked up and at times we had a reasonable but light south westerly wind. Unfortunately John Arnott was correct in his prediction that just before 3.00pm the wind would drop just as we were all trying to do the count. However, there was just enough wind to keep most of the kites in the sky and with valiant running around by all the club members we managed 296 kites. Although we didn't managed to beat last years total, it was still an excellent attempt considering that we had a third less flyers and we were only 13 kites short!
    Records aside it was a fun day and it was great to think that we were doing our bit for the One Sky One World message of World Peace.
  Result: 296 Kites. 91 Flyers. Other results

One sky one world 2005

Sunday 10th October 2004
In a cold and blustery wind (25 to 30 mph) the Suffolk Kite Flyers with our guests Thorpe Kite Flyers managed the following totals for OSOW on the at Rougham Airfield in Suffolk: 142 flyers 307 kites Although the number of flyers was up on last year, the total number of kites was less. This we believe was due to the very high winds and that many single line kites were unable to withstand the strong wind. However it was still a good count and thanks to everyone that attended. A special mention and a well done to Matt Mitchell who couldn't attend the event due to family commitments, but flew 2 kites near his home at 3 pm. Great fun was had by all.
Result: 307 Kites. 142 Flyers. Other results

One sky one world 2004

Sunday October 12th 2003
One Sky One World - Rougham Airfield on October 12th 2003 322 kites flown by 107 flyers.
Again a new OSOW record!
Well done to everyone who attended!
Result: 322 Kites. 107 Flyers. Other results

One sky one world 2003

Sunday October 13th 2002
One Sky One World - Rougham Airfield - October 13th 2002 253 kites flown by 63 flyers. Well done to everyone who attended!
Result: 253 Kites. 63 Flyers. Other results

One sky one world 2002

Sunday October 14th 2001
One Sky One World - Barnham Common at Thetford.
This was a joint venture with Suffolk Kite Flyers and Thorpe Kite Flyers. Our thanks to Nigel of Thorpe Kite Flyers for re-arranging the venue at short notice.
We had a good turn out considering there was at first a distinct lack of wind. However by lunch time the wind had pick up a bit by the count time at 3 o’clock.
Result: 83 kites. 53 flyers. Other results

 One sky one world 2001