HQ Power Kites on Demo

HQ Power Kites

As you all know that next weekend is the final weekender this year for SKF!
For the weekend I have got some of the new kites from HQ Power Kites so you can all have a play and see why you think.

I have got a 3m HQ Beamer 5 for those that are looking to start out or want an awesome high wind buggy kite.
I have also got a 5m HQ Toxic for the buggiers or landboarders that love pure power!
And finally I have got a 12.5m HQ Montana 6 which is suited more to the landboarders or freestyle buggiers.
So feel free to come and have a go on these quality kites.

For more info on the HQ Power kites range please visit http://www.powerkites.de

Fly Safe!