Burglary at Essex Kite Park

Its sad to say but unfortunately Essex Kite Park have had the clubhouse broken into any time
from Monday night until today, we've had so many things stolen, boards,
kites, generator and a few other things. Shocking to see how badly
organised the police are too! Below is a list of items that have been
taken from the clubhouse, please please please keep your eyes peeled for
anything on eBay or Gumtree, anything:

1. 15 metre Fly Surfer Deluxe

2. 13 metre Ozone Frenzy FX (Orange)

3. 9 metre Ozone Frenzy FX (faded red – Looks Salmon)

4. Trampa Prototype Board (3 wheels, larger trucks, spitfire grip tape)

5. MBS comp Board (white bindings)

6. 2.2kw Long run Honda generator (huge fuel tank)

7. 2 x Wetsuits (one is a Blue 70)

8. 2 x Wetsuit boots (one hard sole)

9. Dakine board shorts

10. Petzel climbing harness with wichard

11. Ozone Harness

12. 3 man Quechua pop-up tent

13. 2011 Ozone leash

14. Flexifoil leash

15. Circle one wetsuit hood

16. Majestic black wetsuit bag

17. Ozone 2.5 metre Imp on a bar

18. Ozone 2.3 metre Method on handles (No Bag)

19. Ozone 3.5 metre Imp Quattro on handles (Red Bag)

If anyone has any information about this or have seen any of this kit for sale then please get in touch through the contact page of this website.

Hopefully we can get these things back!