Suffolk Kite Flyers Membership Policy

Update - as of Nov 2019, all members will renew in Jan 2020 and membership will now run from Jan-Dec each year.

A pro-rata system is in place for those that are already members.


i.e if you are a single member and paid/renewed June 2019. In Jan you’ll pay £11.50 to cover the whole year (see chart below).

                                           SENIOR    ADULT    FAMILY
12 Months  (Jan-Dec)         £20          £35         £45


Renewal Date                         Cost £

Dec 2019                               21.63        37.88         48.75 (inc 2020 fee)

JAN 2020                              20.00         35.00        45.00
FEB                                      18.30          32.08        41.25
MAR                                     16.60          29.16        37.50
APR                                      14.90         26.24         33.75
MAY                                      13.20         23.32         30.00
JUN                                       11.50         20.40         26.25
JUL                                        9.80          17.48         22.50      
AUG                                       8.10          14.56         18.75
SEP                                        6.40          11.64        15.00
OCT                                       4.70            8.72         11.25
NOV                                       3.00            5.80          7.50
DEC                                       1.63            2.88          3.75

Payments – in the interest of club funds, could all members please pay via BACS or set up a direct debit.

Much appreciated!


Committee Update – as of Nov 2019

The decision by the committee to change membership to an annual January 1st to December 31st system has prompted some lively discussion amongst our members, whilst the majority understood and supported the proposed changes a few did raise some concerns.
In the light of these comments the committee has now arrived at a compromise and although it is rarely possible to please all of the people all of the time we feel that this compromise is in the best interests of the club and will ease the concerns expressed.

Annual membership will run from January 1st to December 31st each year from January 2020.

Members renewing will be required in January to pay the balance of any outstanding months to ensure all members are fully paid up for 2020.

We ask members to pay their fees promptly on or before January 1st each year but for anyone that has difficulty in paying at that time payment will be accepted up until April 1st.   
Members are not allowed to use the field until full payment is received.

New members can join at any point during the year and will be asked to pay pro rata for the remaining months until December 31st starting on the first of the month that they apply.

Guests may have 1 free day at the field and thereafter pay £5 per visit.

This new system as with the previous system can be abused and we will monitor it during the coming year. 
It is hoped that members will support the club and comply with the new system to avoid new rules being introduced to combat any abuse.  

We recognise that as a small friendly club open discussion and free expression of opinions are essential and contribute to resolving any issues that may arise and we thank all those that have contributed in this instance.  

SKF Chairman

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